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Resin Sledge

The innovative sledge prevents groove formation from aggregate clusters, with removable wheels and versatile functionality. Its grab handles aid effortless lifting, and nylon wheels resist resin sticking. The non-welded design allows part replacements, eliminating the need for a new sledge. With a depth gauge from 18 to 30mm, it’s made of robust 2.5mm galvanized steel, ensuring durability for customized requirements.

Available in 600mm 760mm and 1000mm


- Prevents the formation of grooves caused by clusters of aggregate
- Quick-release wing nuts, allowing for easy removal and making it a versatile tool
- The main body of the sledge can also function as a standard sledge
- Convenient grab handles facilitate easy lifting of the sledge
- Nylon wheels prevent resin from sticking to them
- Each wheel has a weight capacity of 54 kilos, totalling to four wheels, ensuring ample strength to handle heavy loads
- Depth gauge ranges from 10 to 35mm
- Constructed with 2.5mm galvanized steel
Available in 600mm 760mm and 1000mm


The sledge offered features innovative design elements for optimal functionality. It prevents groove formation caused by aggregate clusters and includes wheels with quick-release wing nuts, ensuring easy removal and versatile usage. The main body doubles as a standard sledge, and grab handles facilitate effortless lifting. Resin-resistant nylon wheels, each with a 54-kilo weight capacity, ensure durability for heavy loads. The non-welded structure allows individual part replacements, eliminating the need for a new sledge. The depth gauge ranges from 18 to 30mm, and the sledge is made of sturdy 2.5mm galvanized steel, ensuring durability. Each sledge is meticulously tailored to meet specific requirements.

Available in 600mm 760mm and 1000mm


MODEL  Resin Sledge
Depth Gauge 10-35mm
Wheel Material Nylon
Wheel Capacity 54kg


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