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Resin Port-A-Trowel

The MBW Port-A-Trowel offers a lightweight and precise solution for resin bound and concrete finishing tasks. Weighing just 20kg and featuring a 30″ diameter, this petrol-powered trowel excels at compacting and levelling Resin Bound stone on driveways, footpaths and playgrounds. Unique to the UK market, it provides blade pitch adjustment of up to 25 degrees, concentrating weight for maximum compaction. Operating at a controlled speed range between 40-70 rpm, it ensures enhanced manoeuvrability. The trowel’s main handle can be twisted for precise directional control, and optional extra handles extend the reach up to 6m, allowing for greater flexibility.



- Ultra-lightweight petrol-powered trowel with a 30" diameter, ideal for resin applications and tasks beyond the reach of heavier machines
- Weighs only 20kg, excels at compacting and levelling Resin Bound stone on various surfaces like driveways and footpaths
- Unique blade pitch adjustment of up to 25 degrees, concentrates the weight for maximum compaction
- Operates at a lower rotational speed range (40-70rpm) for enhanced control
- Simple steering with twisting main handle provides precise directional manoeuvrability
- Comes with a 1.8m handle, with optional interconnecting handles available
- Maximum of two additional handles allows operation up to 5.4m away, providing flexibility without stepping on the wet surface


The MBW Port-A-Trowel: your ultimate lightweight solution for precision resin bound and concrete finishing. With its 30″ diameter, this ultra-lightweight petrol-powered trowel is perfect for resin applications and tackling concrete tasks that heavier walk-behind machines can’t handle. Weighing just 20kg, the Port-A-Trowel excels at compacting and levelling Resin Bound stone, effortlessly gliding along the curves of driveways, footpaths, and EPDM playgrounds. Setting itself apart from the competition, the Port-A-Trowel is the only product of its kind in the UK offering blade pitch adjustment. This innovative feature creates a stiletto heel effect, concentrating all the machine’s weight onto a small portion of the blade, ensuring maximum compaction. Operating at a lower rotational speed range (40-70rpm) compared to traditional petrol power trowels, the Port-A-Trowel delivers enhanced control. Steering is as simple as twisting the main handle from side to side, providing precise directional manoeuvrability. The Port-A-Trowel comes with a 1.8m handle, but for added convenience, optional extra interconnecting handles are available. With a maximum of two additional handles, you can operate the trowel up to 6m away, giving you flexibility without the need to step on the wet concrete or resin-bound surface.


MODEL Port-A-Trowel
Engine Operating Weight Honda GX35 (20 kg)
Blade Sweep Dia. 24 in (61 cm)
Trowel Speed 40-70rpm
Number of Blades 4
Pitch Blade Max 25 Deg


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